Questions About WithFit

What does WithFit do?

WithFit helps you track, improve, and share your fitness. You can learn more about WithFit's features here.

What makes WithFit better?

100% free. 100% unobtrusive. Every feature of WithFit is completely free. WithFit won't sell your information, fill your screen with popups, spam your inbox, beg you for money, kidnap your kids or molest your dog.

WithFit is smart and easy. Everything about WithFit has been designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. WithFit gives you reports on your progress as you use the site, learns what workouts you like and lets you share your workout logs with friends.

Who Are You, You Wonderful Geniuses?

Imaginary interviewer, you sure do ask some good questions.

  • Jeremy Kauffman launched WithFit in late 2009, when he was frustrated by every existing fitness tracking site.
  • Alex Grintsvayg joined the team because it seemed way more fun than working for the government.
photo of jeremy
Jeremy KauffmanPhiladelphia, PA
photo of alex
Alex GrintsvaygPhiladelphia, PA

Where does WithFit's content come from?

99% of content comes from users. We provide a set of base exercises with instructions. Anyone can create a workout or program using WithFit's base exercises or add custom exercises and activities.

What's coming next?

WithFit is currently in beta. We've got an incredible amount of features in the pipeline, including sharing groups, more statistics, and other enhancements.

What do I do now?

Start browsing! Check the programs or workouts sections to find something you like. Or, simply log a workout.

Want to contact us?

We're huge fans of feedback! Email us at