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In The Army

Partner Rounds AMRAP in 20:00 (10, 20, 30)




Record:rounds completed
  Flutter Kicks

10 reps


Two Count

  Mountain Climbers

20 reps


Two Count

  Air Squat

30 reps

  Over Head Arm Clappers

1 rep

Workout Instructions

AMRAP in 20 minutes.
- 10 two-count flutter kicks
- 20 two-count mountain climbers
- 30 air squats
Then they pick up a medicine ball and run to the other side to relieve the guy on the north side from doing Overhead hand clappers...once the guy on the north side is tagged, he/she picks up a medicine ball and runs to the south side where they begin their set of 10, 20, and 30.  Once, each person has done the 10,20,30 once, that constitutes one round.  The guy NOT doing the 10,20,30 does overhead hand clappers until they are relieved.
Person 1 does their 10,20,30 and person 2 does overhead hand clappers. When person 1 is done, they pick up med ball and run to the opposite side and slap the hand of person 2. Person 2 then stops doing overhead hand clappers and picks up their own med ball and runs to the other side to begin their set of 10,20,30. Do this as many times as possible for 20 minutes.



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